Al Michaels Super Bowl Challenge

Justin Timberlake just wants to see Al Michaels shake his booty. Start at 2:22 of . #AlMichaelsShakeYourBooty. This can not be too difficult.

How can this become a real thing? Not just a Booty Cam, which should be something a corporation should fund and give money to a charity for. Maybe simulcasting to their corporate website and picking up traffic or something.
How can this be a fundraiser too? I know nothing about raising funds like that. But someone should be working on this. Something that can help kids or cure cancer or even better cure cancer in kids.

I am not sure how to make this happen. But it is something that could be a good opportunity. Let’s show our unity with BootyCam.

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Super Bowl Replacement Announcers

I am a pretty big football fan. I am not a fan of the NBC announcing crew. Not really any combination they have is satisfactory to listen to during a game. Chris Collinsworth is the base as color commentator with normally Al Michaels and on some Thursdays Mike Tirico. I am not a fan of any of these combinations. If they put someone else with Al Michaels; I think I could enjoy the game. As is, I often opt for mute as I watch intently switching to sound only for penalties.

Unfortunately though; NBC has the rights to broadcast the Super Bowl this year. As it rotates between Fox, CBS and NBC. A regrettable occurrence every three years. Super Bowl 52 (or LII if you prefer) is the latest to be marred by the NBC announcing crew.

As an aside, I wish ABC/ESPN would get a chance in the Super Bowl rotation. The reason is what they are doing with ESPN multiple channels for the College Semifinal and National Championship Megacast. If you are unaware Megacast are alternate broadcast crews commentating on the National Championship game.

Also these broadcasts are more entertaining. My personal preference vacillates between the coach’s roundtable (depending on the coaches involved) and the Homer Telecast (where two alumni going back and forth on their respective sidelines). The coaches usually give credible insight into the pace and calls in the game. The Homer Telecast last year was 2 guys in the 20s enjoying their alma mater’s. Barrett Jones and Tajh Boyd “repped” their schools in 2017 in a very fun way especially considering the end of the game.

CBS joined in with Team Stream during the Final Four and National Championship using TNT and TruTV to expand one crew per school. They are missing an opportunity by not also utilizing TBS. I would put a play-by-play announcer with the two coaches from the NIT championship on TBS. But they only did them from 2014, 2015 and 2016 and not in 2017 with no word on this coming year. But they could go to a more neutral broadcast like the Megacast.

NBC has a dedicated sports network (NBCSN) they could do an alternate broadcast on. I have not heard if that will come to fruition. Would be great to have a solid play-by-play announcer along with maybe a coach. Could even add in a few players, at least one offense and one defense. There are many ways to do this broadcast. However they come up with it; an extra broadcast should be a consideration.

Other Universal properties could be leveraged like USA, G4, SyFy, Bravo, Chiller, CNBC, even the Olympic Network if need be. They do it for other things like the end of the Premier League season. Why not the biggest All-American sports event that is being beamed worldwide. I could set it up in the two weeks before the game. It would be simple and I know almost nothing about TV production. They will likely have all day coverage with the Today show and other hosts. Why not do this. It works. The space and necessary equipment is already there. Just bring in a Project Manager like me and I will figure out the specifics and line up talent.

In lieu of that; are there any suggestions for an alternate radio crew?

I don’t listen to radio during games. But if there is someone out there who does; I would be glad to hear about it. I hope to get information from all over. So any information on who play-by-play announcer, color commentator and if possible radio network they work on.

I need a better option. Any help that I can get would be good. I also need to start trying out which ones are both available in my area and workout best.


It would be easier to find in my local network with the following information –
play-by-play announcer:
color commentator:
and if possible radio network:

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Sports Fans Please Donate

Any sports fans who are not feeling as sporty as usual, I have an alternative.
Donate your tickets to
This is where you can put a smile on lots of faces. Veterans and their families can put those tickets to good use.
Please don’t burn, tear or otherwise destroy the tickets you do not want. Instead donate and let a veteran and her/his family’ enjoy a nice diversion for a few hours.
Doesn’t have to be just sports either. They take concerts and other tickets too. Halloween related events are popular right now
This is a way to give something to those who support and defend the Constitution. Possibly give you a sense of accomplishment.

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ShoutDown Review of American Assassin

This the ShoutDown Review of the movie American Assassin. This is a good action movie. I am glad that Alamo Drafthouse picked it for the distinction of a special screening including a Question and Answer (Q&A) session after the credits. Credit goes to the producers and distributors getting this film out there this summer.

I saw this film as part of a Victory member screening on 9 August 2017. I went to Mainstreet Theater in Kansas City, MO to view the film. This is more of a preview since the film does not wide release until 15 September 2017.

This is an operative’s story. This story replaces the shine and polish with grit and wit. This story talks about how you train like an operative. This story shows how you get to be an expert with combatives, weapons and knowledge. These are all things that James Bond would have done in mostly while in the Naval Reserves. We get to see how Mitch Rapp becomes a bad-ass. It is worth the time to show how the character becomes his true self.

This is not a spy story. While Mitch Rapp does use some subterfuge, one weapon from the spy arsenal. However he does not seem to care who sees what he is doing. He is not using any espionage or covert action that are a spy’s true tradecraft. He has his agenda and he sets sole purpose to completing his mission. It is nice to see straightforward storytelling that is also full of action.

This is an obvious attempt to create a movie series. Mitch Rapp is an interesting action character that operates within the realm of reality. It serves as a good start to a series. Moreover this is an adaptation of Vince Flynn’s origin story not his first Mitch Rapp book. I think that is a good strategy. As long as they stay grounded in reality with a tinge of current events; this could be a profitable series indeed. Sanaa Lathan, Shiva Negar and Michael Keaton all are awesome in supporting roles. As long as they keep the story and support fresh; this could be an entertaining series of movies indeed. Shall see.

The Q&A after was lively. One anecdote that was funny was about the extras. Two of the movie’s stars [Dylan O’Brien and Taylor Kitsch] talked about how the extras tried to get more screen time much to everyone else’s chagrin. By everyone I mean the rest of the cast and crew of the movie. Also both stars had a beer both before and after the film which seemed to lubricate their jaws to give honest answers. Creating a fun session that added well to an enjoyable movie.

In my opinion, this film is worth the time and money to view.

Rating 3 out of 5.

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Game of Thrones Leaks [My Take]

Just because it is written does not mean it is filmed.

Just because it is filmed does not mean it is in the show.

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The ShoutDown Review of Good Time : Too Much Team Edward

This the ShoutDown Review of the movie Good Time. I did not like this movie. I was disappointed that Alamo Drafthouse picked it for the distinction of a special screening including a Question and Answer (Q&A) session after the credits.

I saw this film as part of a Victory member screening on 9 August 2017. I went to Mainstreet Theater in Kansas City, MO to view the film. The previous Victory screenings I have been to have been good experiences. Previous films I got to experience both early and for free include Nerve last year and Get Out which I reviewed earlier this year. This particular movie did not live up to that standard.

I am going to try and scribble this review without spoilers. But without mentioning specific plot points; I will elude some things that happen but I will try and keep it general. My intent is not to give anything away. Just giving some hints about the story and what happens. Most of which you can get from the frenetic trailer.

This movie follows Robert Pattinson’s Connie Nikas over the course of an about 36 to 48 hours. Connie navigates New York City in this story which seems like a character itself. Generally everyone else is just there to further Connie’s story. There is just one problem; the story does not progress in that time. Also it not very interesting a tale either. In the end; all the characters are basically in the same position or the natural progression of where they belong.

Connie uses everyone. It is masked as trying to help his brother Nick played by Ben Safdie. That’s right, Nick Nikas very original name right? I guess he is a Marvel character too? Anyway; Connie’s actions are just as self serving as they are to help Nick get out of trouble.

As a quick note; the movie actually opens and closes with Nick. Strange since the story is really about Connie. I think it is enlightening to the style of storytelling in this film. Why is a supporting character the opener and closer.

Plus, Nick is only in trouble because of Connie! Connie did not need Nick when they got in trouble. Still Connie used him anyway. I still can not figure out why. Nick is not a good accomplice. And surprise Nick gets in trouble. Almost like Connie meant for it to happen. However that is betrayed by the rest of the film as Connie tries to “help” for Nick.

Connie is not smart. He is lazy otherwise he would have a job instead of getting in trouble. Nick is less smart. Why make this pair the focus of a film?

Connie treats every person he encounters with no respect at all. Of note are three characters in this film. His supposed girlfriend Jennifer Jason Leigh who plays Corey. By the way Ms. Leigh is underused and woefully miscast. Connie is sweet to her when he needs something. And mean to her the rest of the time. A woman her encounters along the way Gladys Mathon’s Annie. Connie takes and takes from Annie. She is not very bright so it makes it easier for Connie to use her.

The character who gets screwed over the most is Annie’s granddaughter. Taliah Webster’s Crystal gets screwed the worse. In fact; she almost gets more than metaphorically screwed despite the fact her character is 16. Connie almost does it just to save himself from her knowing he is a bad guy. Doesn’t even seem like Crystal would even care. But she ends up in a bad position by the end of the movie. She is probably the only redeeming character that gets significant screen time. But ends up much worse off having ever met Connie. Almost like an allegory for the viewer.

The other characters are of no use. Connie even calls out one of the characters as useless to society, another allegory. The others are not worth mentioning. The plot of this film is to simply follow Connie on his adventure. One that does not go anywhere. Making me question why we all went on this journey at all?

Connie’s demeanor and style of interaction results in the main flaw of the movie; I did not care about him. Since he dominates the screen time; it is important to care about the main character. It is hard to care for anyone in the movie except to pity Crystal.

I was, however, on the edge of my seat throughout. Lots of stuff happens. The pace is difficult to keep up with for most of the film. Partly because of a lack of true storytelling that is sacrificed for that pace and shaky camera style. Does that make it a good film though?

The film does keep you wondering what will happen next. But during the Q&A after the film, one of the producers mentioned that they wanted to make a real thriller movie. But wondering about the character is not really all that thrilling. It is just a series of actions. Happening to someone who is completely unlikeable.

Also during the Q&A the writers mentioned that Robert Pattinson asked a lot of questions about Connie’s backstory. I did not see that detail in the film. All I saw was a lazy douche-bag. How many questions could there be about that?

The film opened on 11 August 2017. It was screened during Cannes Film Festival which is supposed to be the top film festival or at least one of them. It did not win Palme d’Or however I am not sure why it was even in the running. It did win a soundtrack award so maybe that is why it was screened.

Cannes screening might have been the impetus for Alamo’s screening. Or maybe someone who works for Alamo is way too much on Team Edward. Either way; Good Time is a misnomer as a title. This film misses the mark. The main character is completely selfish in a story that is without progression giving the audience nothing to care about.

I suggest you skip this one. Even though I got to see it for free. I should have skipped it. Then I would have missed all the Bruno Mars traffic that was headed to Sprint Center. I think I would have enjoyed the concert a lot more.

Rating 1 out of 5.

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The Mighty have fallen

Usain Bolt does not even finish his last race as the anchor leg of Jamaica’s 4X100 relay team. He could see that both the US and UK were in front of him. Did he pull up lame? Or did he just give up? He has been less than stellar in his races this year. It is just time for him to fade away. He still have the world record. And a ton of gold. He will always be a great champion of the track.

The bigger surprise to me, the United States beat Jamaica but still does not win. Great Britain & Northern Ireland team was super fast. They had four solid legs. Culminating in a Gold medal. They ran a very strong race and little surprise they captured the Gold.

The Jamaican women also failed to get gold for the first time since 2011. They were without their best athlete Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. The Jamaicans still got a bronze for their effort. Was not enough to beat the Americans.

Big congratulations to the Women’s Team that was able to beat the host nation. The US sprinters have been tough and near the top. The success at the last few Olympics has not translated in the same success at Worlds. This year; the women showed up and won it. It will be nice to see the Women on top of the podium where they belong!

Good luck to the athletes in the remaining events at tomorrow’s final day.

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