Veterans Appropriate Response to Respect

“Thank you for your service.” This is a phrase I have heard often, both in and out of uniform. So many great Americans have thanked me for my service that there are too many to count but I will thank them all back right now. I embarrassingly admit, many times I did not have a response beyond “Thank you”.

There is definitely a feeling of awe being praised for my service. Throughout the last few years, I have felt supported by Americans everywhere from every walk of life. I feel lucky just to be able to serve.

Being a second generation soldier and veteran, I know that praise for service was not always the case but I am glad it is now. I feel doubly awed when I know the person expressing their gratitude is a veteran themselves. So many of the people who are making the statement, I could easily say the same to and have on occasion. “I thank all those servicemembers who have come before me.”

Much to my dismay I also I feel inadequate without a response to convey my gratitude back for the support I feel. I don’t feel saying simply “Thank you” is appropriate. It is not enough. That is why I want to have a better response.

My current response is: “Thank you, It is my honor.” Because in all truth, I feel my service is an honor. However, I am unsure how it is being received as a response.

“Thank you for your support. Service is my honor.” is a better and more appropriate response. That is a mouthful to try and remember though. Hopefully this conveys how I feel about my opportunity to serve this country.

I am hoping this post prompts additional suggestions from other veterans for good responses. Also from those who so faithfully support us, what makes you feel that same respect back as a good response? I thank you for your support.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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