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Firefly and the new entertainment economy

You know, in all honesty, I didn’t watch Firefly during its original run. It was a work thing. Firefly was on Friday night on Fox. But Friday nights I usually had something going on. Sometimes planned work functions. Or something unplanned thanks to disrespectful coworkers. And … Continue reading

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Glee not really for me

I would like to see an episode of Glee without any songs. I am NOT a fan of musicals. I see songs as a valid way of telling a story. The Police’s “Seven Days” or any of their hits tell a very vivid story. … Continue reading

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What I like?

Big fan of movies: comedy, action, romantic comedies, mystery, horror Sports: Swimming, Track, Football, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball probably more but not ‘extreme’ sports Reading Fiction, Politics, Learning about poker, Listening to Talk Radio and of course, Sex.

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