Glee not really for me

I would like to see an episode of Glee without any songs. I am NOT a fan of musicals. I see songs as a valid way of telling a story. The Police’s “Seven Days” or any of their hits tell a very vivid story. Sometimes too vivid as in the almost stalker like “Every Step You Take”. But beyond that, any television or film, in my opinion, should be able to stand up on its own merit as storyline without the aid of a song. There will still of course be music in the background, that is an essential element of just about any show on TV. But the songs, and especially the “theme nights” are jus gimmicky to me. So just as I did not like with Buffy the Vampire Slayer or How I Met Your Mother do a musical episode I will not watch Glee until they do a songless episode.

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