Firefly and the new entertainment economy

You know, in all honesty, I didn’t watch Firefly during its original run. It was a work thing. Firefly was on Friday night on Fox. But Friday nights I usually had something going on. Sometimes planned work functions. Or something unplanned thanks to disrespectful coworkers. And yet these articles excite me:

The whole show is based on some really great sci fi themes. A pirate ship making ends meet much in the way that Han and Chewie did in Star Wars. Unlike Harrison Ford who would have been fine with his iconic character being killed off, Nathan Fillion wants to be Capt. Mal again. But he along with that talented crew has been working elsewhere. Alan Tudyk was in Whedon’s Dollhouse and the new V series. Morena Baccarin is integral in the new V series as the queen and looking hot with her short locks. Summer Glau has been in Dollhouse, Big Bang Theory, and is currently in The Cape. Adam Baldwin on Chuck. Gina Torres in a couple different projects. Jewel Staite and Sean Maher working in various sci fi projects. Even Ron Glass aka Shepherd Book works regularly. Even Christina Hendricks has gone on to bigger and better on Mad Men.

Even the production and writing crews have been busy Whedon has done great
with Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse [another show Fox cut way short since Joss
said he had a five year story arc]. Jane Espenson wrote most of the good Battlestar Galactica episodes and was show runner for the too early canceled Caprica. Jose Molina works with Fillion on Castle. And Tim Minear worked on the also too early canceled Terriers, which suffered mostly from a bad name because the show should have been called Ocean Beach.

All these characters have lived on. Beyond just the rabid amount of fan fiction about the show or crossovers with other shows. Much like the Star Wars universe, Firefly/Serenity world has continued in comics and novels. These characters live on in all the hearts of every Browncoat who can’t help but aim to misbehave.

In England, Firefly would have been a full series worth. But we are greedy Americans and we demand more. The real question is, why would any sane TV or movie studio not get behind that? Or more importantly, why wouldn’t they take our money? Seriously?

Because of DVRs and DVDs; the whole landscape is different. I know plenty of people who don’t watch commercials. And I know that is what truly runs scheduling on TV. But really, we, the people who spend money on DVDs don’t care about commercials. We don’t like them. We start watching first run shows late to skip commercials. A serious TV watched like myself doesn’t even like the Super Bowl Commercials. Except that one with the little Darth Vader which kicked ass.

Movies are a risk. But would this, an established series, truly be a risk? Isn’t this why there are so many sequels. Why Starsky and Hutch was made into a movie. As long as there is some interest, that is a strong indicator to green light. Better when there are some fanbase. The best when there is a great story to tell. Here, there are all of those elements. So what are they waiting on?

I spent money on both Firefly and Serenity. Did not watch them for free, not one show, neither format. So Fox made more money off of me than they should have. And they will make more money off of the many Browncoats out there. Some who even spent money after they got to see the show for free, Fox made money off them too. What is this aversion they have to making money? Seriously?

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