An even better, why are they stories?

Casey Anthony. Why do I care about her video blog? Oh wait, I do not. Not at all.

I will be honest; I wasn’t concerned with this story at any time. Even less so the talking heads like Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell practically bullied the DA into a case.

Next time ladies, put your work into actually getting a conviction. But if either of them could, they wouldn’t be on TV were they are ‘safe’. But they seem pretty.

Honestly, why does CNN/HLN still have them on?

Why do I care?

Every kid that goes missing is at best a regional story. No missing baby is a national story. When has national news ever helped to find a missing baby? I am sure it has happened. But it is local news. Maybe regional. But not national.

How to get a job, that is national news. Of course, reporters have no idea how to report on it.

Security issues, reporters have no idea.

Actual national or international news is not reported. I am talking about CNN, Fox, and MSNBC: just not there. Just focus on local issues. Ones that most people can’t solve. Of course, the reporters are not ready to report that. And the news operations like to let people think they can help. It is all a ruse. News should be special but it is not. Not anymore. Wish it was.

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