Thierry Henry scored on his first game back at Arsenal. I know he is the all time leading scorer for the club. Not to mention, hands down [pun intended but sorry to my Irish friends] best scorer for France too.

But is the English Premier League (EPL) that easy to score in?

I am asking about and really commenting [poorly] on their goalkeeping. I think it is getting bad, quick.

Tim Howard scored as a goal keeper. Not because of a big leg but because of lazy goalkeeping. If you look at that play, the goal keeper was simply lazy.

Now a guy [Henry] who has been in Major League Soccer (MLS) scored on his first game back. He is prolific, sure. Works hard at his job. Might even stay with the Red Bulls.

Landon Donovan is on loan to Everton from the MLS’s LA Galaxy. Clint Dempsey is full time with Fulham. Plenty of Americans playing in other leagues overseas. But the American team is not really going that far up. They are better but not even to good. They need to qualify. Heck, they need to be able to win in Mexico.

But more than that, English goal keeping is not very good. Look at their run in the 2010 World Cup. Goalkeeping was definitely a concern. If it wasn’t, it should be.

Tim Howard is the best goal keeper in the EPL. I know many keepers are foreigners, as are players. But I think goal keeping is having an effect on the EPL. As an extension, English soccer as a whole.

I said all this without mentioning Manchester United. I am big Red Devils fan. Fiesty Goat is the only place for me [homage to EuroTrip one of my favorite comedies]. My point is made by the world’s most famous club; neither of their goalies is English.

Well, I am kind of rambling. Not really well written. Just interesting talk.

Quick shout out to Sporting KC. Not my hometown team [Union is too fresh. But I am a Zolo in training]

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