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Thierry Henry scored on his first game back at Arsenal. I know he is the all time leading scorer for the club. Not to mention, hands down [pun intended but sorry to my Irish friends] best scorer for France too. … Continue reading

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Quick Clarification

My blog posts are admittedly the ramblings of a highly function mad man. I am not in any way clinically mad but my thoughts are way out there. These posts are merely opinions. Things I am thinking about. Things that … Continue reading

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An even better, why are they stories?

Casey Anthony. Why do I care about her video blog? Oh wait, I do not. Not at all. I will be honest; I wasn’t concerned with this story at any time. Even less so the talking heads like Nancy Grace … Continue reading

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Once again, why was that a story?

And does anyone remember that Private? Wikileaks. The one on trial? Manning maybe was the name? Or maybe I am making that up. Do you know? Not the football player? Probably don’t know the difference. Seriously, why do people do these … Continue reading

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The Circus begins. And I have front row tickets.

Welcome to irrelevance Iowa. See you in four years. New Hampshire, you are on the clock. Not much time though.

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Should teams be backing what the NFL sees as growth?

I have heard a lot of talk about two reasons that the NFL is the leading league amongst professional sports. Fantasy football Gambling. I believe this is true. It makes the NFL very popular. That plus the limited time when … Continue reading

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