Economy, media and other rants

Is the economy any better? Or is college football the only entity actually making money?

And why don’t news agencies report about money? It is what the people really want. and furthermore what people want to know about. So what not focus on that? Humm?

I am not talking about speculation. I am talking about concrete proof. I mean, I refuse to believe that the whole world’s economy balanced on American real estate. Whether speculation or otherwise. Our soil isn’t that valuable. Sorry. Not possible.

And in the end, why don’t they [the news media] report where the money is now. There is no loss of money; It is only shifted. So someone has that money right now. Who? Who has that money? Saying it is in China is not sufficient. Some person, someone has the money. Where is it? Someone knows. It can be tracked. That is a good story.

Same with the money for a campaign. Where does that money go? Romney spent a ton in Florida. Who gets that? TV stations?

Would be better than chasing the uncatchable. The media would have a win. They would be able to show a result. Positive? Not really. But is better than stories that I don’t want to hear. And it would be truly informative. But I don’t think the media is concerned with the public or its true desires. There is still a monopoly. The actual story is not reported. It is just about telling people that there is no money when it is already out of our pockets. Seriously, we already know it. How about getting in front of it. Nah. That is too much work.

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