Real Football Today !! 5 February 2012

If anyone saw the Red Devils rally from 3 nil to tie Chelsea today at 3-3; then you saw some real football today. Now that was a football game!

I know it is a match not a game. But either way it was good. Lots of good action. No huddles. No stopping. Almost as much work as a water polo game. But not quite. Water polo is still in the water and much tougher.

I was hoping that the Red Devils could come level with Man City. Not today. But they will keep up the pressure. Man U. will Get to the top of the table. Soccer is truly ‘the beautiful game’. But it is not at all popular here in America. Not sure if or when that might change but it should.

The Super Bowl better be good. I have no predication for the Super Bowl today. I just want to watch a good game. Both the Patriots and Giants have good teams. They are both hungry. It should be a good game.

Too bad the Oakland Raiders aren’t there. Next year.

Fiesty Goat

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