I wonder…

… who gets married people more laid? Stated another way, who helps the cheater cheat more? Facebook vs. Ashley Madison.

I am going to bet it is Facebook. In fact, I would bet that Facebook would beat chat rooms back in the day in getting quick sex.

I am sure that no one keeps the statistics that I need to really investigate this claim / assumptions. But I bet that Facebook has caused more affairs than Ashley Madison. When you hear stories like this, it seems true:




Need more proof?

http://www.965thebuzz.com/Afentra-s-Big-Fat-Morning-Buzz/11315180  Listen to the War of the Roses from February 15, 2012. The day after Valentine’s Day. It is priceless. That is Facebook


Ashley Madison http://www.965thebuzz.com/Afentra-s-Big-Fat-Morning-Buzz/11315180?date=2012_01  Listen to the War of the Roses from January 11, 2012. This is just weird. Well, not that weird but a little weird, right? I mean, there are free websites. Like a lot of them.

Which one is worse?

One site is totally upfront about it. One is a pawn of the masses. But which one is worse?

Your call!

Me, not on either site, by the way.


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