Why? A NHL question.

Why is no one saying that maybe Sidney Crosby was rushed into the NHL? Not rushed back from injury. I mean rushed into the league as a young man.

NBA gets lots of flak. It is well deserved because it is not a quality product right now. Mostly it is a mental argument though. That very few players are mentally ready. They are physically ready. And in a less stringent [read unofficiated street ball] they excel. But with rules, not so much.

NHL has plenty of rules. They still let you fight. If a star or superstar gets put down, there are enforcers. Some may call them goons. There are two movies coming out within the next year [I believe] about ‘hockey hooligans’. And they still exist. They just have better skills along with size and punching ability.

Sidney Crosby has missed a considerable about of time. He is a tough player. I am not insulting him. But might there be something to him not being physically ready.

This is not scientific. I am not a doctor. And this is not well stated. But it is something to think about.

The proper research about players who have had long careers would need to be done. Compare players from the 1980 Red Army / Red Wings like Larinov and Fetisov. Guys who played at a high level like Federov and Konstantinov. Those guys got old but were both strong and fast throughout. How?

Either way, Crosby is going to need to make a change. His training techniques need to change.

Plus he is not a Flyer. As a Flyer phan, YES, I had to say that. Required. We must disparage non-Flyers. What we do best.

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