March Madness

I used to enjoy basketball a lot more as a kid. Now, I still get swept up into the madness. Every March. I get into it. I have to. It is in my DNA. But I really only get swept up on March. The rest of the year I don’t really pay attention.

It is a great marketing tool. Great for the game. Great for those kids who get to triumph in victory.

But it is also a bad tool for expanding the reach of the game. College basketball goes from October to April. To confine it to just March is not good for those kids. It is not good for this sport. They need to allow the sport to get back to where it was.

NCAA is making unnecessary change to the basketball field. This ‘First Four’ is not any fun. It is not any more excitement then the championship week prior. They didn’t need to change there.

Where they need to change is in football. One place, they make a change and it is wrong. The other change is not made and it is not good. They need to figure things out. Start doing better.


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