Fiesty Goat Strikes Again

The Red Devils are out of Europe. Sad day. Too much work to do to comment on it Thursday. Still not good.

After taking Barcelona to Wembley last year, I was hoping to see another trophy in the case. Not the Europe trophy. Only one thing to do. Destroy the EPL!

Looks like Barcelona will march to another UEFA Cup. Still remains to be seen. Anything could happen. But when you have one guy scoring five in one single game, not much to stop that.

I do wonder how Tim Howard would stand up against the footballer of the year, three running. That woudl be an appropriate match up. But seeing how Everton can’t break into UEFA, that will have to be a friendly or Gold Cup or best, World Cup match. The pitch would be on fire that day.

Well, more footie to be had.

And the domestic league is starting up. I am historically a Zolo. But in practice, I have been a member of The Cauldron, making noise bigger than a bass drum at Sporting Park and Legends before that.

One last thing, why isn’t it the Wizard Lizard?

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