Kentucky in the Final Four

I don’t like John Calipari. He is a cheater. It happened when he was at Memphis. I believe his caring does not extend past the basketball court.

One and done is all he can handle.

John Calipari is also a great coach.

But this Kentucky squad is going to be tough to beat. Baylor is a good team and they made short work of them.

This team could beat a bunch of ‘pro’ teams. The Bucks. The Bobcats. The Warriors.  Kentucky could beat all those guys.

So Kentucky is going to be tough to beat. But they can be beat. The remaining teams are all tough enough. Even with the undecided game. Both UNC and Kansas will be good enough. And Louisville is going to play the Wildcats tough too.

As for this game, it is interesting to see Roy Williams go against Rock Chalk again. Guess who I am routing for.

Lots of good play.

March Madness is good basketball. But they play all year. It is good promotion but also hurts them the rest of the year. Had to say it.

Only four games left.

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