Kentucky Win, NCAA loses

I have big problems with the one and done rule. I don’t think it should be in place.

NBA owners should realize that their product has suffered greatly because they are drafting horrible players. Kobe and LeBron made not going to college work. But a couple of years in college is a good thing. Even LeBron is still looking for a championship.

Look at Carmelo Anthony. Nuggets have done better without him. He messed up the Knicks and Mike D’antoni. He should have stayed at Syracuse and learned something. Does he have the talent, yes? But he needs to be a team player. He just is not. And he is not going to learn it now.

But I do not fault the players. It is the owner’s call on what and who to draft.

What the NCAA can do is let kids who don’t get drafted back in easier. It is a shame some of the things they do. Specifically with making kids 18-19 sign to a school. Why? The coaches despite contracts and all that, can move whenever they want. Why can’t the kids?

I have a lot of beef. But it is specifically aimed at NBA owners. The NBA used to be a good product. The best players. Now, it is a farce.

NCAA deserves some blame too. They have no idea how to market their products. Not enough games in football. In basketball, they added more off some perceived need. Like it was helping. But few people are watching the extra games.

Almost no one watches the NIT, which the NCAA owns.

I digress. I wish someone would make it right. Anthony Davis is NBA ready. So is Kidd-Glicrest. After that, those underclassmen could use some time.

You know how I know. John Wall. Great in college. Does anyone know who he plays for? [It is Washington]. He was the biggest player in the sport for one year. Now, where is he?

In the end, NBA franchises need to do something to make the sport better. Right now, it is just going downhill fast. And the strike didn’t help.

Ask baseball how quick you can go from top to bottom. Hockey is at the same time and  it is much more interesting. I am watching BC lead Ferris State in the Frozen Four final right now.

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