No Men’s team in Olympics

Soccer I mean.

Now if I was talking about basketball in that tag line, most Americans would be outraged. Even if it was hockey for the winter games, we would be upset.

I am talking about Soccer though. And no outrage. There should be.

Americans like excellence. But when are we going to demand excellence for soccer? It is the biggest sport in the world. Thumb your nose all you want. It just shows you ignorance. I doubt you could go ut and run for 90 minutes straight. No time outs so don’t say it is too slow. No huddles, you can score anytime. Don’t give excuses. If you don’t understand the game, just admit your ignorance. It is not the beautiful game’s fault you are too lazy to leanr the game.

Like I said, it is the most popular game in the world, biggest sport. Any American should eb able to understand if the time is taken. Similiarly, we should dmenad excellence from our national team.

I am not talkign about instant hooliganism. I am talking about being the best. We can be.

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