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Bad call

I don’t care how much of a wonk/fan/hooligan/mook you are for the blues: That second goal credited to Mata never crossed the line. Never once crossed the line.  Chelsea did not score! I saw that in real time. It was obvious. … Continue reading

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Good Match Day

Manchester United is solid in the hunt. With their win today by 2. Plus Arsenal was able to put Man. City away too. It was touch and go though. They had three solid chances. Until Arteta was able to come … Continue reading

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Been slackin

I haven’t been watching as much hockey. Somewhat because of travel. I caught the last part of the Chelsea win today. But they should have come up level. I have never been a big Chelsea fan. Don’t like their players … Continue reading

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Kentucky Win, NCAA loses

I have big problems with the one and done rule. I don’t think it should be in place. NBA owners should realize that their product has suffered greatly because they are drafting horrible players. Kobe and LeBron made not going … Continue reading

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