Red Devils will return, pitchforks at the ready

Manchester City are on top

City outscored United. Literally. On the final fixture, United has the championship. But then City scores twice in the final ten [or so] minutes. Snatching it.

I saw on a website the question whether City won or United lost it. City won it. They took the championship. They played well in the start and finish. City had a rough middle which United took advantage of.

The problem is the Red Devils didn’t exploit it fully. They, like most EPL teams, have good defense that they rely on. Look at Chelsea, Petr Cech and great defense. Same with the upstarts at Tottenham. Brad Freidel might be old but he is very effective. And of course he is a Yank; you know I will stay American proud. Same with Everton at with Tim Howard.

But the strikers are not ruling everywhere in EPL. Just a few clubs. With Tevez and Balotelli at City, scoring is more important than ever trying to keep level with those two.

But seriously, strikers can be hot and cold. Which is why have two solid forwards along with two reliable midfielders is a winning recipe these days.

Chelsea are still in UEFA vs. Bayern Munchen because of their balance. Their new coach [old player] has had a ton of positive effect on the team. Didier has been on fire. But their defense is impecable. Let’s see how the final goes.

Congrats to City. But the Red Devils will be back stronger. Sir Alex Ferguson will ensure that.

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