This Ring

I have a ring I earned. The have been two women who took that ring.

Why? I can’t really say. I am not Gollum. I don’t call it precious. I rarely wear it at all.

I got it back both times. I was lucky. That really is the only reason, blind luck.

I actually appreciate the ring more. Not for the significance I put on it. But because other people treasure it.

The is a pathology of someone else taking something from you. But an even deeper one when they feel the need to take something they know that I don’t treasure, they know is not their own, and they place value on it themselves. That is something. Though I am not sure what.

You make the call.

[I tried to attach a picture to this post. After selecting the file from my computer, there was no additional step to attach the file. So sorry there is no picture.]

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