Offense is the driver

Euro 2012, it has been all about the goals. The defenses aren’t all together bad. But they haven’t kept the goal scorers from getting on.

Cristano Ronaldo got on the score sheet, twice yesterday. That will give him some confidence.

Germany is through to the quarters as well. They are deadly.

Too bad about Poland. I think they have an excellent side. But they need to learn how to play in the 2nd half. They have been one half wonders.

Croatia better put something in the net or get left out. Well, they didn’t have enough to do it. They did not get their offense together. Their defense was good minus one play.

Spain is good but not either impressive nor oppressive. Germany I think has a better chance. But nothing is certain in football.

And how did Russia score 4 points in a fixture and still not get to the quarters? How do these things happen?

Well I am going to enjoy the rest of today’s matches. See if anyone else can get on the sheet. And stay out of the book.

The matches are now over. Spain and Italy are through. No big surprises. Ireland is just not good enough now. Lots to do there.

Tomorrow more desperation. Who will make the quarters?

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