Magic Mike: The movie and what guys don’t get [me included]

I would go to see this movie with my girlfriend. if she wanted. I didn’t want to see if of my own violation. It isn’t my type of movie. I would definitely go with her.

But when I asked if she wanted to go I got:

“I want to go. But not with you.”

I know it wasn’t meant in a mean way. It was the truth. That doesn’t mean that the truth doesn’t sting. It was a harsh thing to hear.

Why? I guess because as a sex positive type of guy, I want to do these types of things with my girlfriend. I want to encourage her to express herself. I want to help her in any way.

I don’t think that “If I go to this, she owes me”. Not in the slightest. I just want her to be able to express herself fully in front of me. If she wants to hoot and holler, great. Be a “Woooo Girl” [reference HIMYM episode How I Met Your Mother: Season 4, Episode 8 “Woooo!” (17 Nov. 2008)]. I would be there. I can’t say I will be Woooo along with her. But I will make sure she Woooos as long and as loud as she desires.

But this is different. I think she just wants to feel free to enjoy the movie. Probably go out with her own set of Woooo Girls. I can’t fault her for that. Hell, I want her to enjoy it.

So this time, the way I can help is by taking a back seat.

I heard it wasn’t that good anyway. I am sure she is just going for the story. Right?

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