Spain vs. Italy

I am not happy about this Euro 2012 final. Just doesn’t seem to me like they are the two best teams.

Cristiano Ronaldo needed to go first with the penalty kicks. He is the captain. I don’t care who made the call. I still don’t know. But still, he needed to lead the way. He blew a couple of chances to win. Not really good or easy chances. But he had them and missed.

Mario Balotelli did slice up the German defense. In fact, the German Defense was bad. There usually reliable offense was not there. I missed the first half so I didn’t see if Mario Gomez started the game or not. The big thing I didn’t understand was, why not play both Gomez and Klose at the same time? Germany was obviously focused on offense. Why not go Whole Hog?

Still Spain is a good team. They have proven their worth. They do belong there.

I can’t say the same for Italy. But there they are.

What happened to Fernando Torres? Spain was completely cold as far as scoring. Their defense was solid.

Same with Italy, their defense will be tough to crack.

Sunday is going to be grudge match. Probably the best fixture of the year. Spain vs. Italy. If I had to pick, I would pick Spain, not excitedly

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