4th of July funny thing

I currently live in a Town [which I will call Town for purposes of this blog]. I am not from Town. And don’t plan on settling in Town. I am only here for work.

There are no overhead fireworks anywhere near Town. In fact, you can’t sale or shoot fireworks in City or Burg, the two towns around Town. In Town can do both: sell and shoot off. So there are a bunch of little fireworks stands here in Town.

I didn’t know that last year because I wasn’t in Town for the 4th of July. But this year, I am very here. It seems very weird. There is no natural reason not to have fireworks in Town, City or Burg. No risk of fire or other disaster. But such is life. There are little displays put on by people setting off their own fireworks.

Here comes the ironic part: one of the stands selling in Town is: City High School. No bull. This place is really weird.

At least there was a laser show. I guess that was green, which is good right? And it is much more economical this way, right?

Not sure I am worried about either of those things. I want to see a big bomb bursting in air or a reasonable facsimile.

Happy Birthday America!

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