Penn State

As a lifelong Penn State fan; I am embarrassed by this whole matter with Jerry Sandusky. Not only the direct action against those defenseless kids but the cover up as well. These sanctions against the university are probably not going to go far enough. I hope that this never happens again, anywhere.

NCAA should let the current football players transfer. It is the right thing to do.

But I am worried about the scholarships. There are a finite number of scholarships. Just like there are a finite number of people in the NFL. In both cases, there is not enough to go around so that everyone can get a piece of the pie.

The loss of scholarships means that kids can’t go to school. You can say, “If they get into one school, they can get into another.” But remember, this is a zero sum game. If a Penn State recruits transfers, another recruit losses their scholarship. It is the trickledown effect.

Why doesn’t the NCAA stop worrying about celebration dances and worry about the student athlete? Why can’t the NCAA shift the scholarships? Even better punishment, scholarships go to teams in conference. Now that would truly sting.

But the way things are now, what the NCAA does may not matter. The NCAA does not own the BCS. They cannot control or sanction the BCS in any way. So if a Bowl game wants Penn State because they ‘travel well’, NCAA can do nothing to stop it. Not one thing.

I digress, Penn State did wrong. They need to be punished.

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