Favorite Sports Week

This week is my favorite week of every four years. The only week that not only America; but the whole world acknowledges that Swimming is a real sport. Not only a real sport but it is the most important sport for a full week. WOW! At least until Track and Field [the sport of choice of the other Sim McArthur] takes the spotlight.
As a former All American and world ranked swimmer that only has a link to NBAC was once getting recruited by Mike Bowman, and knowing Whitney Phelps, Mike’s older sister and once got beaten by Mike in a 100 FLY when I was a grown man and he was still a teenager. My sisters Yonnie and Jin swam with me every day I was in the pool, I LOVE you for all the support you gave me.
I still enjoy watching the swimming events. Thinking about my friends Kevin Myers, Ken Burk, Brian Burns, Michael Zambrano, Mikal Budde, Roger Weikert, Eric Snook, Rob Krohn, Brian M., Paul O’Neill, Anthony and Austin Randall, Franz Uhler and so many I will forget should be named here; you guys were so instrumental in making in my life. The Shippensburg University crew [Chris Giovannco, Dave Manley, and so many others Raiders].
My female compatriots like Zhenia Klevitsky, ‘Gwen’ Missy ‘Mi Chelle’ Gobrehct, Jenn Bierbower, Val, Amy ‘Hutch’ Hutchison,  Johanna Schubert, Erin Snook, D, Valari and Dacia, Jan Appleby, Kristel Moffitt, Tracy Szabo and so many others who had a profound affect on me too. My coaches like Mrs. Weavadou, Eric Pontius, Bob Benavovic and G. Michael Gobrecht. There are good guys I competed against like Doug Cornish or Kerry Myers or Glenn Weikert.
Former Olympians like Jeremy Linn and Anita Nall who I wished I was like.
Guys I swam with in college: Stein Ericsson, Corey Braddock, Jim Van Atta, Bryon Mace, Brian Love and all the other guys from WooPoo.
And women I competed with Karin Carolin, Kara Eckholm, Jess Bunin.
American’s Finest on Water Polo: Casey Phoenix, Cameron Price, Tyler, Jason, Foot, Augie, Hoss, ACK [Andrew McIntyre], Johan[MY 1st concussion], Ralph Radka and so many others. I had the distinct pleasure of training and playing two Olympics sports at the D-1 and club level. Both swimming and water polo. I will never forget the many I got to experience this with.
Too bad I couldn’t be with the first group of Male Syncronized Swimmers. Oh well?
And during this Olympic run, I will think of you all. All the Best and All with Love!

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