Men’s Olympic Soccer Semifinals

Mexico vs. Japan


Brazil vs. South Korea

What is missing about that?

Not one of the four teams is European. Notice that?

Why do you think that is? Did Euro 2012 use up all the talent?

Is this how they base the World Cup? If not, why not?

Spain is considered one of the best. But what if they have only mastered one way? I mean, there form of possession soccer shoudl have fluorished at the Olympics the same as anywhere else. In my estimation, too many squads try to score quickly on every possession they have instead of truly building up to a good scoring opportunity. Well, I guess we won’t know until we see Spain in Rio.

The games on tap will be good. Lots of talent there. Just odd that there are no European teams.

Not sure who I am pulling for. I guess South Korea since I lived there for over a year.

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