The Fiestest of Goats

It is nice that Manchester United has restarted its winning ways.

RvP has gotten on the score sheet for the first time as a Red Devil. Nice to see.

Kagawa got his first too. Welcome to the squad. This is a new name to me. But he is a great addition. Glad he is on the squad. It is going to be a good year.

The Rooney injury is not so nice. Hoping for a quick recovery. Hopefully his physio goes well.

Chelsea had a great game. Showing that they will have to reckoned with this season.

Same with Everton. Not sure what got into them. But they are scoring up a storm. They have the game’s best goalie in Tim Howard. If they can keep up this early pace, it will be hard to beat them down the stretch.

From the Fiesty Goat, here is to a great season.

On a personal note, I played a fixture today. And I got in the book too. That is my style. Big surprise for someone who is a long time Raider fan, huh?

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