Been too long

I haven’t been watching enough soccer. Since American football is back on, I am ingrained in that. But tonight, US lost to Jamaica. What? Are you kidding. We really need to be better at Football-Soccer. Much better. In fact, we are better. Jurgen Klinsman has not gotten the result I was expecting. Not so far. Not sure what the deal is. But there needs to be a real focus. Mainly during the MLS off season. I know some players do go on loan. I would to see it happen more. Maybe not to EPL or La Liga. But getting our talent into Serie A teams. Getting into Ligue 1. Doesn’t have to be top flight teams like AC or Inter Milan, AC Roma, PSG, Montpellier. Just put our players on teams. Bundesliga too.

There might even be some good getting into the Brazilian league. The next World Cup will be down there. Would be nice to have players with experience in South America. Many good leagues.

Some might question the wisdom of this. One for injury. Two for unity. But I think that there can nstill be training camps with the national team. That is respected in UEFA and Europe.

I think the benefit is playing against top players in the world is essential. That is the experience is needed. We can’t lose games against national teams that are not quality.

The US beat Italy in Italy. We need to win consistently in Mexico, who do have a good squad. We need to give all the top ranked teams in FIFA something to think about.

Tim Howard is the best goalie in the world, period! Michael Bradley is a quality player. Landon Donovan is experienced and able to play great. We have so many other good players. They just need to be confident going into ALL games.

With 2 years until the World Cup, the US team needs to tighten up.

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