Second day- Fox Soccer, WHY?

Once again this morning, no new games on Fox Soccer from the big Eurpoean leagues. Is it because of World Cup qualifying? That is the only thing I can think of. Is there anyone who can say for certain?

You know, you would think that Fox Soccer would troll the internet to see who syas what about them. Obviously they want positive. While what I am saying isn’t truly negative, it isn’t good. I am a dissatisfied customer. Fox Soccer, take note.

I know that World Cup is a main focus, rightfully so. I know most leagues respect the need for the best stars to show their patriotism. The World Cup is bigger than any league. Any league that would restrict access of its stars to national teams would be in peril.

Even though I am very disappointed with the US result in their efforts. I think they will get better. And make another appearance.  But it is time to make a run at the Cup. And yes I am serious.

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