New TV season

I am big fan of many forms of entertainment. I enjoy movies but they are secondary to TV because of ease of access. Looking at this upcoming season’s shows, I am not impressed. Most of the concepts are aren’t funny. I feel like I am laughing at them, not with them.

I am much more optimistic about the dramas. Homeland[I wonder what the original Israeli version was like], Dexter, Revenge, The Good Wife. The new show Revolution has promise. I am upset because they moved Revenge. I think that is a bad move.

And Comedy isn’t dead. Not to me. HIMYM [time for him to meet her. I think there is like another season before that happens though, WRONG], Happy Endings and New Girl.

All of them are quirky too. But they are more straight forward in the premise and quirky on top. The reason I don’t identify with the new comedies is, they start with quirky. That is the wrong way around.

Hopefully the shows are better than I know. If not, I will stick with my old reliables.

Happy Viewing

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