Who is there now?

A lot has been made about the NFL referees not being the normal refs. The players and commentators have made this a big issue. Mostly on the refs competence. I don’t think anyone has been hurt physically because of a bad call. But that is a possibility and real concern.

It has made the difference in some calls. Seahawks getting four time outs. Bad calls have been made.

The refs are from a multiple of places. Lower divisions of college and some high school refs. I don’t know how much worse they are than the normal refs. No one is perfect. These refs haven’t impressed me. But I have no stat on how much worse they are, if at all.

But I have another question. Who took their jobs?

In this economy, there are plenty of people looking for work. Football at the levels they came from didn’t stop. So someone had to step in to officiate. Who took those jobs? And what happens when the real NFL refs come back?

I would assume the current NFL refs can go back to their jobs? Maybe? That would be a good news story.

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