Long overdue

Manchester United is up right now. There win over Liverpool last Sunday was as they say in the UK ‘brillant’. But they will have to keep the pressure on. This will be a long campaign like last year.

Nice to see to a fixture on national FOX broadcast in a solid time slot.

Cheers to FOX for taking the chance. I hope to see more of it.

Luckily for the robbed champs, last year’s pretenders have shown their real colors. They have floudered in Europe. Which with internationals like Balotelli they should have done better. But the true colors have been exposed. The citizens are only about money. And they are sinking under the weight of true passion.

It is still early in the campaign. No one is crowned yet. But it is a good start. At least for the fietistest of goats.

Go Devils !

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