Antigua- Barbuda 1 vs. United States 2

It is a crazy rainy night in North Sound, Antigua. Watching the US Men’s National Team in World Cup qualifying on beIN TV channel was awful. The quality of the picture was disastrous. The whoel thing was a little surreal. Looked like old tape not a new contest.

Also, the stadium they were playing in was like a high school field or something. Not normal conditions. But I have been watching too much premium soccer. EPL, La Liga, Serie A. Those are top flight. In this hemisphere, things are different.

I don’t understand Jürgen Klinsmann’s fast style. I know it worked at one point. But the predominate style right now is the possession. A lot is made of Spain’s use of it. But it was the go to style in Euro 2012. Portugal and even Italy had a very possessive in their style of play. They have strikers [Cristiano Ronaldo and Mario Balotelli respectively] who can take advantage. But they need great and patient service from their front lines.

Many people would say that I am too hard on the coach. He got the US wins against Mexico in Mexico and Italy in Italy. Both are historic. Both are big wins. So I should be happy about it, right?

No. I am crazy. Not holligan crazy but crazy still.

I remember, USMNT did not make the Olympic tournament. The Women’s Side proved they are top. Abby Wambach, Hope Solo, Heather Rapinoe, Alex Morgan and all the women of the US side are the World Cup Champs and Gold Medalists. Hard fought.

I would like to see the men get to that height as well.

I want our national side to be the envy of the world. I want the MLS to be the destination of all the best but mainly Americans. I want the US in the top of the world rankings. I want the world to tremble when they play US.

We have Tim Howard=best goalie in the world. But our defense it not as solid in front of him.

Our midfield is so much more solid with Michael Bradley and Clint Dempsey. Both of whom work are featured in teams outside the US [Roma and Tottenham]. Not enough regular striker/ forward play though. Antigua was very aggressive. As a homer, I will say they were gunning for both Bradley and Dempsey.

Eddie Johnson with both goals. Nice to see his return to the National Team. His impact was very big. As USMNT looks to face Guatemala in Livestrong Park in Kansas City, Kansas; I am very excited. One, the US will have some room but hopefully will do awesome. And two, KC is like a second home to me. SO I am glad that the National Team will be featured there. Good luck Guys!

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