Argentina 3 – Uruguay 0

The first half was hotly contested. No goals but a lot of action.

That is the thing about soccer. It can be 0-0 and still very tense. Lots going on. It is constant action. Main thing is, you have to be watching. No timeouts. No time between at bats. Action happens the whole time.

In the second half; Lionel Messi scored a pretty goal. Showing how great he is. He did a great bit of dribbling. Got free, despite having a dedicated defender. And he just put one in the back of the net. Just a slow roller but it was so pretty the way he did it.

Messi is amazing for Barcelona. Not as much for his home side, Argentina. When you look at the fact that Messi has lived in Spain since he was 13 or so, easy to see why. But now, he is picking it up for his home side. He still doesn’t have the most for Argentina in this campaign. But he shows how valuable he is. Creating. Dribbling.

Aguero’s goal for the second score was so pretty. Messi to DeMarino to Aguero. It was so pretty the way they put it all together. The passes were exquisite.

Then, Lionel Messi scored another on a free kick. He now has an equal with high scorer for Argentina for most in qualifying. He is electric. How does he score in set piece?

This is why he is best in the world.

Then for Pereira to only get a yellow card? No. He was wrong. Messi is good but he doesn’t need to flop. Leave that for Luis Suarez, who by the way was completely ineffective tonight. That is wrong. Are these replacement refs? Pereira should have gotten a red and sent off.

To my American friends who don’t understand soccer I write: I wish you guys understood Soccer better. Lionel Messi scored two tonight for Argentina. But it wasn’t just that he scored. He is one of the best players in the world, all around. Once he gets older, he might be a midfielder. Maybe a defender. Right now, he is the most profilic scorer in the game at the highest level. He is one of the best defensive strikers that is playing now. He could likely lead Argentina to a World Cup in Brazil in two years. If he does and he continues his pace with Barcelona, he will cement his legend in ‘futbol’.

It is like having Tom Brady play the full game of offense and he never comes off the field and a full game of defense of Ray Lewis along with all their scoring. He would be the top guy in fantasy ‘futbol’ by such a large margin; you would win simply by having him on the squad.

Plus United States won their qualifier tonight too. So be proud of OUR boys too.

Eddie Johnson of the Seattle Sounders scored two epic goals for the US side. In one of the worse stadiums I have ever seen. Looked like high school. But either way, US Men’s side won!


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