United States 3 – Guatemela 1

In Kansas City [MY adopted home] in LiveStrong Park; the United States was able to kick their way into the next round of World Cup qualifying. Getting three points to thrust them into the hexagonal.

Once again, Clint Dempsey was able to star with two goals. Through the last through months, he has been very productive. Both as a midfielder for Tottenham and getting on the sheet right before the international play started. And in international play this year, Dempsey has had four goals [1 versus Italy, 1 versus Jamaica, and 2 versus Guatemela] . Add that to his year for Fulham and now Tottenham; he is distinguishing himself as a truly great midfielder.

Tim Howard did let the first goal in. But after that; he normal great goalie play was in place.

Moving forward in qualifying for Brazil; the pieces are in place. Now travel will have a big affect. Howard and Dempsey play in England. Michael Bradley is getting better and better with AC Roma. Jozy Altidore is plying his wares in Holland with Alkmaar. Getting those guys back and playing well will make the squad all the better.

Along with having Landon Donovan available. I think that Dempsey has suprassed him and so has Bradley. But Donovan is still very integral to running the entire field.

U.S. is unusual since the Midfielders are the focus, not our strikers. In most countries; the stars are strikers. Messi, Cristano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Neymar come to mind. That is not to say there aren’t tons of great middies out there. Kaka being the top.

In Spain, the middies are also  a big focus. Iniesta, David Villa, Xavi. I know any of them can be listed as forwards. But not really traditional forwards. And striker Ferdinando Torres is not as popular or as integral to wins in respective to other European and South American teams.

I am disregarding Africa and Asia. I understand that. One reason, I don’t know much about those teams. And I don’t watch any matches coming  from those areas.

I am excited about the current US team. I still keep that Jurgen Klinsmann style makes me nervous. But, he has gotten the results. I can not deny, he has made a positive impact on the men’s side.

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