Saturday is next because money Talks – NFL style

How does the NFL network figure into the TV package that NBC, CBS, FOX and ESPN paid to be a part of?

One of my favorite things was watching the Thursday night game. Seems like there was always something big going on then. Last year, Oklahoma State played their way out of the BCS final game [I refuse to call it a championship] by losing to the Iowa State Cyclones.

Now, Oregon is playing Arizona State. So I should be excited. Big game. Big test.

But I am watching the Seahawks by hosted up the road at San Francisco by the 49ers.


I have fantasy players to watch.

Sad. Why did the NFL have to hone in on college football’s territory?

And it is only a matter of time before NFL has a game every Saturday. Probably try to justify it by making it a late game.

Did this help with injuries? Having the short turn around. Having to be hit even sooner. When you are more tired. Because everyone knows that making decisions when you are tired is the best way, right?

I don’t like that the NFL needs to validate itself. Forced Time Warner to finally capitulate, didn’t they. UGH!

I don’t like it. Makes the whole sport seem cheaper. That was college football’s territory. And what is next?


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