BCS is a mess [originally written on 13 October 2012 with a couple of facts and figures added on 19 October 2012]

Texas is proving that college football rankings are a complete joke! Oklahoma is whipping them and I am not that sure that the Sooners are that good. How are the Longhorns in the Top 25? There needs to be a better system.

Name should not mean so much. Texas is ranked high simply because of their name. Mack Brown is a decent coach but he isn’t a legend, not by any standard. Texas’ talent level is not truly there. Maybe on paper they looked good. In practice, they are pretty bad. So why are they ranked so high this late in the season?

My opinion, because the college football ranking system is being manipulated. Mostly by the BCS who want the teams that ‘travel well’ in the games. They don’t care who is actually the best team. Just who will make the BCS the most money.

I mean, how can you explain the preference for Norte Dame over Boise State. Notre Dame whose record since 2002 is 72-53. While The Broncos are 123-14. [I didn’t make those numbers up either. I researched them and they are as of 19 OCT 2012]. Notre Dame has still a separate vote on the BCS board. Notre Dame is kind of joining the ACC with the kind of breakup of the Big East with teams like West Virginia and Syracuse and others leaving. Ironically, Boise State is joining the Big East for football. But the whole BCS is slanted against teams like Boise State. And it is wrong.

If you haven’t read Death To The BCS by Dan Wetzel, Josh Peter and Jeff Passan; you should. It is a good read about greed.

The book details how things like the following can happen. West Virginia was #5 [as of 13 OCT 2012, wouldn’t be for long] and they gave up 63 against Baylor. Not RG3 Baylor, just regular Baylor. The number 5 team in the country cannot give up 63 points. Not even to the number one team.

The rankings are completely frakked up. A lot of shake up coming. The real problem is the deference of some teams being undefeated. But Rutgers is undefeated, where are they? Same with Ohio University. Louisville. Anyone even know about them? Why not?

I know some things are about the breaks you do or don’t get. People who get hurt, it can change things. Like Arkansas, they should have been better. But the loss of a couple players does change things. That is true.

But the voting needs to be done in a better manner. Coaches’ poll has to go. It is a complete joke. Why not a writers’ poll?

And the BCS needs to reveal the algorithm that the BCS computer uses. What is the secret there?

We deserve a better system.

[Originally written on 13 October 2012 with a couple of facts and figures added on 19 October 2012]

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