Interesting Programming Note : TV show Ringer

Subject: Ringer formerly on the CW network

I enjoyed the show that premiered last season. The acting was good. The storyline was borrowed and thrown together but still good. And it had a good cast.

But the geniuses at the CW cancelled it around the end of last season.

Somehow this escaped my watchful gaze. Until I looked for it this year. You see, here in the Central Coast, there is no CW network. So I have to look elsewhere on my dish programming. There is a channel but it is not as easy to find as local programming is.

But without Ringer, I likely will not watch CW this year. No other program on that ‘network’ interests me. I would have given Arrow a shot but what is the point? If I like it, they will get rid of it. So I am not enthused.

CW is just like the other networks. They all make bad decisions [reference my post on Firefly]. But every network only has limited resources. I am not sure if that was the reason for Ringer’s cancellation. All I do know is, it was 5th on the CW’s roster. Shows like Hart of Dixie survived though? Not sure that is the best use of resources there.

That is just my opinion though. You know, a loyal viewer. Who cares about loyal viewers? Not the networks.

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