Liverpool 2- Everton 2

Everton played a great fixture. Any game you can get two goals is a good one. But they couldn’t get the winner. Just couldn’t get another one in. There defense was sound. Tim Howard is awesome. His defensemen in front of them are solid as well. Everton is going to be a tough team to beat this year.

The announcers weren’t as sold on the parity in the match up.

Liverpool continues to struggle. Ironic that they have a reality program on Fox Soccer that has been played on regular Fox from time to time. They have some aging players but that is not the problem. I don’t have a fix for them. I didn’t get to see if they have enough to win.

I will take a guess though. Seems like in EPL, there needs to be solid play from the forwards. And Luis Suarez isn’t doing it. He can flop. He gets lucky But that is not real skill. He needs to get back to the fundamentals. To really just be straight up.

And get the full amount of help from the midfield. Seems like they aren’t playing forward enough. But that is just a guess.

It could extend to Everton as well. Get more Midfield movement.

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