Chelsea 2 – Manchester United 3

At Stamford Bridge; the Red Devils were able to put another 3 points to the season total. And sit one behind Chelsea for the season. Very optimistic.

Chelsea has been playing great. Ever since Di Matteo took over, they have done great. Propelled them to the UEFA Cup. And this season, they are off to a good start as well.

Sir Alex Ferguson has the Red Devils just slightly off pace this season. Once again, like to see more offense. But the big thing is that they need to have consistent starts from their players. Many of whom have come up hurt through the season. Consistency will bring a championship.

Robert VanPersie’s effect is being felt. Not just that he is able to get on the sheet for one goal. But also that he is able to work without the ball.

Kagawa is missed up front.

I would like to see a full game from Wayne Rooney. He is getting minutes. He needs to get quality looks as well.

All in all, both in EPL and UEFA; Man U is off to a good start.

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