2 Broke Girls : Episode airing on 29 October 2012

I watch a ton of TV. After our intermural basketball game that we lost, I came home to watch the ending of Monday Night Football. Since I live on the west coast, once MNF is over, there is still a lot of TV watching to be done. But not that many good shows [my opinion] on Monday night. The only show I regularly watch is Castle.

So last night I watched ‘2 Broke Girls’. It is a funny show. I enjoy it. But it is not something I feel I must see.

Anyway, the one main character [Caroline] has a father who is in jail. Both her and the other main character Max went to the father in jail. The father was adamant about Caroline getting a horse jumping trophy that she won. Because the trophy was going to “take care” of her.

The logical implication Is money take care of people and that there is money hidden in the trophy. Caroline’s father is in jail for hiding money. Why else would he want her to have a trophy?

The reason was he wanted her to have a reminder. So she would always know she can do whatever she puts her mind to. And she will be “taking care of”. WTFrak?

You know what the best reminder is? your mind!

I know that everyone has things to help every their memory. Sure they do. Pictures. Computers for numbers. Pencils for writing down things. Whatever.

But she was there no trophy that is going to replace her memory.

This rich idiot who forced her to go from opulence to just above poverty compelled both Caroline and Max to spend their hard earned money on something insignificant.

That is something that rich people would do though. Rich idiots attach value to stuff. Not realizing that some people don’t have money to eat. Not realizing what it takes to save money is hard earned.

In one of the best things about the show, they have the running count of money at the end of the show. They were down $200 thanks to the rich idiot.

In the grand scheme of things, no one likes to see people work hard and get nowhere. These girls better have something to show for their effort by season 3 or they will likely be moving to another night on TV or another channel or no channel.

Look at Roseanne. At some point, it isn’t funny. They made a weird choice though, just giving them money. That is not as appealing.  And look at 2 and Half Men, there is no reason Alan is still broke. So the whole show is ending. It isn’t funny to watch someone be broke for no reason.

I hope that 2 Broke Girls doesn’t fall into the same trap. It deserves a lot of good seasons. A female character led show with two good female characters that have tons of room to grow. It is a great concept. With more action, I will actually make it must see. Until then, shall see.

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