Swansea City 1 – Chelsea 1

This was a great match if you like defense. Both sides played a good game. I was most impressed by the defense. Not many chances for their side.

Swansea played a great game. They took their chances. I am not very familiar with their side. They play with a lot of heart. Their goalie Gerhard Tremmel had a solid fixture today. I was impressed with him in the net.

Di Matteo Is truly the best manager for his side. Chelsea continues to play a good fixture. I don’t think they are destroying teams. But they are doing the necessary so far.  I think they aren’t the same side that made the late run last year. Shall be interesting to see if they can keep any pace this entire season.

Victor Moses got the goal for Chelsea. Corner from Fernando Torres, head off Cahill and then a small header in the back of the net by Victor Moses.

Pablo Hernandez was able to put one in the back of the net late in regulation for Swansea. A hard shot taken that was able to get past Petr Cech. Hernandez was brilliant. His strike was not going to be denied. It was a great goal.

Able to draw Swansea level. Which they deserved. After the effort they put out all day, they earned this draw. Hard fought. Well worth it.

So Manchester takes top of the table with their wins this weekend and last. Right where the Red Devils belong.

Swansea played a great fixture. I hope no one thinks I am taking away from them. Ty earned every bit of the point they got today.

One point for both. On both the score sheet and towards the table.

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