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I haven’t been watching any soccer lately. So I have been delinquent with any posts on the matter. As the Fiestiest of Goats, I am very happy to see that despite my delinquency, The Red Devils have pulled 6 ahead … Continue reading

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American vs. American

Clint Dempsey for Tottenham scores on Everton’s wall Tim Howard.

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Big differences between RG3 and Tim Tebow?

RG3 is smart, strong, fast and talented. Tebow sacrificed his integrity and went to a school where he won National Championships. RG3 has integrity and went to a school where being religious is assumed. Tebow is celebrated fro religion. Why? … Continue reading

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Real Heisman Winner

The two best offensive players in the country aren’t being considered or talked about for the award. Monte Ball. I know he missed a couple of games up front. Because someone [actually a group of someones] attacked him. He is … Continue reading

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Is it wrong?

I am so glad to see Nebraska getting their collective asses so handily handed to them. Honestly, they should be embarrassed. Most of the schools that left the Big 12 are doing horribly. And I giggle like a school girl. … Continue reading

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