Is it wrong?

I am so glad to see Nebraska getting their collective asses so handily handed to them. Honestly, they should be embarrassed.

Most of the schools that left the Big 12 are doing horribly. And I giggle like a school girl.

Missouri looks like a Pop Warner team.

Colorado is even worse.

Texas A&M has huge buzz. But are they that good? No. But they are getting two bumps.

I hope they all have a decade of futility.

It is creating a huge epidemic. Maryland is a charter member of the ACC. Why are they leaving? Rutgers to the Big East. Money, Money. Money.

These schools are all chasing dollar bills. But do they care about the students? Especially in the small/no money sports. Flying here there and everywhere just for a game doesn’t make it easy on keeping a Tennis team or golf or track or swimming or whatever. How are these sports going to do?

I mean, a mid week sporting event from Maryland to Nebraska is not getting to be easy on these students.

Football is not the only thing that matters at a university. And I wish these decisions took this into account.

I would enjoy seeing the “Olympic Sports” getting more play

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