Real Heisman Winner

The two best offensive players in the country aren’t being considered or talked about for the award.

Monte Ball. I know he missed a couple of games up front. Because someone [actually a group of someones] attacked him. He is a great player. His performance in the Big 10 championship game proves that. He is a great player.

Marcus Lattimore. I know he had a horrendous injury. It is hard to watch. But guess why he gets injured? Because he plays harder than everyone! He is a great player.

I think that they are the two best players in college football.

Manti Teʻo is my pick over Johnny Manziel. It would be nice to see a defense only player win. And he is the right guy. He is what every football player should be. Plays with excitement, integrity, and ferocity. It is admirable. And I don’t say that lightly.

If I had a vote, I would vote for Marcus Lattimore. Best player in college football this year.

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