American stabs at the Red Devils heart

Snow today at White Hart Lane. The former home of the London Monarchs was cold and snowy at receiving the Red Devils from the north.

Robert vanPersie did just what he has done so well for the Devils this year. He scored. Pretty early in the 25th minute. A nice little header. Nothing special. Right into the back of the net. It is what he does best.

But Man. U did what hurt them at this time last season, they sat on it. They weren’t able to get any other scores into the back of the net.

Credit goes to Spurs. They did play much better in the second half. So I don’t want to take anything away from them.

In the extra time, Clint Dempsey was able to take advantage of a poorly punched ball by Man. U goalie David Da Gea[who might need to work on that, a lot]. The American, who scored his first goal for Spurs at Old Trafford, was able to put a nice one into the net. It was a very solid goal.

It is hard to have an American hurt MY team.

Dempsey is solely responsible for 4 points against the Red Devils. Spurs are lucky they have the American.

Red Devils are only 5 ahead of the dirty citizens across town. They need to buckle down right now. After the new year, they aren’t always the most scoring team. Having RvP there should help change that. They need balls in the back of the net. Relentlessly. Kawaga needs to get started. He is a good compliment. But I want to see goals on the sheet for him.

Red Devils are in the driver’s seat. Need to stay there. Fiestiest of Goats.

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