Flyers are augering in right now

The NHL finally started this past Saturday January 19th after a 113 day lockout. Reducing the length of the season from 82 to 48 games.

This means that if there is a slow start, it has a much bigger impact on the team. And the Flyers have had a very slow start.

Losing the first three games, the Flyers are in the absolute cellar of the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division. As a Flyers fan, this is dismaying.

I know that the margin for error is so much smaller. There is no way to assume there will be a recovery. There isn’t a real half way point to this season. So a slow start is disastrous.

Plus their second game was in front of everyone. NBC telecast the game nationally. I know this because I live on the west coast right now and I saw the game. Very disheartening.

I am not throwing in the towel. But I am a concerned fan. Heck if anyone knows about fandom in Philly, I am going too light on the team. I should be throwing in some f-bombs too. But I have mellowed out living out here on the west coast.

Plus,I see that the time to turn things around is right now. Otherwise, there will not be time to make a run at the end of the season.

The last couple of seasons the Flyers have had good runs in the playoffs. Not good enough for a real fan, myself included. But good. This year with this lockout, they are not keeping up that run, so far. They can turn it around. They need to turn it around. Like now.

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