Manchester United 4 – Fulham 1

When you get behind to the Red Devils at Old Trafford in the first 2 minutes, it is going to be a long day. It was for Fulham.

The old timer Ryan Giggs put in the first goal on a penalty kick. And it was easy going from there. Fulham had little to no chance. Hernandez’s 2 goals and Rooney’s one overwhelmed Hughes’ goal. It was a good score but looked puny compared to the Red Devils scoring.

It is hard for American’s to understand the FA Cup. I am no expert. But all the teams in England from Premier League to 4th division have a shot at the FA Cup. And the final is played in Wembley Stadium.

It would be like NFL playing UFL. Or a Double AA baseball team playing the Phillies. Every once in a while, the lower team wins.

Luton Town did it in FA Cup beating Norwich City. And there have been some upsets. Very exciting games. It is not as David Brent might lament, a foregone conclusion.

Milton Keynes (MK) Dons shocked Queens Park Rangers 4-2. MK Dons are Wembley’s resident so their win through to the next round is kind of appropriate.

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