Another reason why foreigners don’t like us.

The New York Times on 25 January 2013 front of the Business Day quoted Mr. Flathery as saying the following: “That was a big red flag to us,” he said. When it was translated to another language and then translated back here is what Mr. Flathery apparently said: “That was a large red dwindle to us,” he said. I am not sure what language it was translated into. But the website it was on had both NBA news along with whether Mario Balotelli is being transferred from EPL back to Serie A. Which is ridiculous because Balotelli isn’t leaving Mancini at Man. City. Not happening.
Sorry I got distracted. It is funny how things are changed when they are translated. That has to happen often.
One way interceptors in Iraq and Afghanistan learned English was watching movies that are translated. But there are some things that don’t translate well. Big to large, not that different and acceptable change. The spirit is there. However, I am not sure how flag became dwindle. That is out there.
Yet another roadblock to world peace. That and the fact that most Americans do not understand soccer. We fix these things; we might be able to fix them all.

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